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Saad Al-Mulhim group has been established with a general contracting business in 1982 to serve the Al-Ahsa region. We've covered all eastern areas in K.S.A with high-quality work and first-class services

FAD-FIX systems are designed to resist water and to be as a base for the marble chips
that could be used in various buildings like governments building shopping malls, health clinics, banks, villas, residential buildings.

     Stone Marble Chips 

Stone Chips boards are mostly used in the construction and renovation work of private houses, apartment houses, public buildings, and production and storage facilities and in the construction of eaves soffits and balcony rails.  boards cut to size and meant to be used to cover and insulate socles. In addition, the boards can be used in gardening to building edges for flower beds, plant boxes, etc.
Covering the facades of buildings with boards and socle boards reduces costs on energy, enhances ventilation of the facades, and makes the building moisture and mold resistant. boards and socket boards do not contain harmful substances for human health and the environment and they help to create a healthy internal environment in the buildings boards are strong and resistant to wear and mechanical impact, they are frost and moisture resistant, maintenance-free, and preserve their good appearance for years.
As the volumetric weight of the boards is less than that of mastic concrete boards or cement fiberboards, they suit better in the application areas, where the weight of the material is important.


Stone Crete Plaster 

Stone Crete Plaster is composed of a mix of elements: cement, coarse aggregate (usually crushed stone), fine marble powder, and water. You can change the look of the finished plaster by making changes in the elements using white cement instead of gray cement, for example, or using crushed colored glass in place of crushed stone


If you want a rough and tough finish, Grit Wash is the right choice for you. Better known as Exposed Aggregate Plaster, this hardy decorative finish can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. A mortar of Birla White Cement, dolomite powder, and chips in a ratio of 2.5:1:6 is perfect for Grit Wash. Before the application, the surface should be leveled with afloat. After an initial setting of 1-2 hours, the Grit Wash surface should be scrubbed gently with a nylon brush and water to remove the cement on top of the chips and to expose the aggregates.


EXPO. AGGREGATE is a 10 to 12 mm thick granular effect decorative texture. EXPOSE AGGREGATE can be made in both white and gray cement in mixing with 8 to 12 mm size, natural stone chips, and marble powder. Multi-color chips combination can be achieved with multiple size panel designs. Expose aggregate is the hardest texture with a rich granular effect. It is a permanent and maintenance-free coating. It is an ideal coating for Colleges, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Commercial Complexes, and Public buildings.

Surface Preparation:

For proper bonding of Stone Crete (Grit) work, the plaster should be rough, marked by combing the surface with wavy lines using a wire brush or nail comb. The surface must be free of imperfections to ensure satisfactory appearance. And Base should be hard and properly cured.

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Saad Al-Mulhim Group
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Saad Al-Mulhim Group
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