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Introduction :

In 1985 AL-Mulhim Air Conditioning started al AL-Ahsa, Hofuf areas dealer for Carrier Mini-Split and window units, soon after almost satisfying customer need for Mini-Split units that area the company went on to undertake central Air Conditioning jobs.


With an ambitious business leadership and a visible market study, AL-Mulhim Air Conditioning developed in 1992, to establish a regional office in AL-Khobar, which extended its services to most of Eastern Provinces cities. it also completed some projects in other areas like Hafr AL-Baten and Jeddah.

Moreover, the company's reputation as a frontline competitor for the supply and installation for an air-conditioning system of all kinds and another special assignment covers all heating & ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) jobs. Its reputation went beyond the national boundaries and successfully executed a major project in Bahrain.  
       By the year 1994 Al-Mulhim Air-Conditioning was fully qualified to register as one of the main contractors for heating & Ventilation air condition system (HVAC's) work in Saudi ARAMCO and Saudi consolidated eclectic company (SCECO) 


Residential & light commercial products

Air Conditioner

​In addition to the consumer products such as the Room Air Conditioners (RAC) and the Mini Splits, Air Conditioners manufactures a host of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioners. This broad range extends from the concealed units up to 5 tons, the dusted splits up to 30 tons, the packaged units up to 90 tons, the single and double skin air handling units up to 70,630 CFM and the water chillers up to 660 tons cooling capacity.

Air Filter

The most innovative, efficient, and sustainable HVAC

Energy-efficient HVAC systems that provide reliable comfort for light commercial buildings. From retail stores to restaurants, schools to healthcare facilities, HVAC systems are designed to improve comfort, reduce total cost of ownership, protect indoor air quality and simplify installation and maintenance.

AL Mulhim Group air-conditioners-split-a

Split System

Whether your project requires a high wall, cassette or freestanding model, duct-free systems allow for easy installation, quiet operation, and versatility of zoning and design.



1900 SAR

Ducted Split Sys Al Mulhim Group.jpg

Ducted Split

With ducted systems, a wide range of outdoor air conditioners works seamlessly with innovative indoor fan coil units to create reliable solutions that are easy-to-install and service for a wide range of residential HVAC needs.



4500 SAR

carrier- al-mulhim group-package unit.jpg

Package Unit

Performance. Efficiency. Sustainability. We’re the complete package.

Desert Master packaged equipment to meet demanding HVAC systems requirements, with Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant and EER's as high as 12.2.


7500 SAR

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