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Introduction :

Gulf pearl Architectural office accounted one of the offices that superior in performance through a professional work group  whom own a deep experience in architectural field. 

And From the moment that the office established it succeed to prove its identical, and continue even through several circumstance that the kingdom attend.

The office work group have any characteristic that major one is respecting to accomplishment customer needs and interact under large work presser to satisfy customer needs as fact as possible.

Our Activities 


Architectural design:

Examines the dimensions of the blanks in there different functions inside the building and there relationship of these spaces and function together with directed by building more aesthetic externally and internally.

Urban Design:

It may be study a single building inside the system or architectural study if the system entirely. Which contains buildings much examine there relationship with some of the heights and form the outer model and the development requirement of these things, even if the sale had been planned for many owners to divide land for the owners adhere to there requirement.

Town planning:


Cities may be residential, industrial - And this kind based on studies in other areas may be economic, social or political and deals with vast expanses and a product division and distribution of areas with different function with the issuance of the necessary recommendations on rises, population density and even on the numerical patterns and embroidery structural, architectural if necessary  

Construction Drawing

Preparation of construction drawing

Be prepare after the approval of the primary design by the municipality and the graphics are sharper and a scale larger and more details as the important of the project until the building could be implemented by the contract.

Bill of quantities

Easy to account for all quantities of building material and finishing of the project through drawing executive and quantities are registered in the table in separate items - concrete - electricity - etc.

Could benefit from the estimating the cost of the project or providing material us or speed up the application material or manufactured or imported from abroad may require time.

Bidding and providing offers of contract

Based on limited schedule put up the entrepreneurial tendering a call for contract to submit bids for implementing the project prices.

The owners uses the expertise of the office for the nomination of a special number of suitable contractors for the project to provide timely, quality assurance,

Beyond the office of his nomination through the most appropriate contract for the project on engineering and technical ground, taking into account the wishes of owner. 

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